The BoatMax brokerage program is built on one simple idea - your used boat is a buyer's new boat!

Used boats can be hard to sell.  Have you tried to sell yours already?  At a minimum it takes a fair amount of time and effort, at worst you have to sift though scam artists and shady tire kickers.  We have 30 years of experience brokering used boats - we specialize in professionally preparing and marketing them and our full service facility has the knowledge and ability to bring out the full potential in your boat to find real buyers.

The BoatMax program is easy to participate in.  We review your boat to ensure it meets our standards, then we have a licensed Captain deliver your boat to our facility.  Your boat is surveyed so that we fully understand its condition and equipment and can accurately represent it.  We’ll provide feedback on recommended repairs that can make your boat stand out or that might prevent a sale from closing.  Your boat is then painstakingly detailed so that it can show to a potential buyer as close to new as possible.  During the boating season your boat is washed on a weekly basis to keep her looking ship shape.  We market on YachtWorld, represent your boat at a variety of boat shows and prominent placement in our clean and modern marina affords easy viewing access for our steady stream of walk in buyers.

There is NO FEE FOR LAND STORAGE when your boat sells. You only pay for storage if you choose to exit the program prior to a sale. Initial pickup by our licensed Captain is also FREE.  BoatMax brokerage services are posted to your account but payment is deferred until either the boat is sold or you choose to remove the boat from the program.  That means NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS TO SELL YOUR BOAT.

To see if your boat is a good fit for the BoatMax brokerage program please tell us a little bit about your boat on the adjacent form, a brokerage representative will follow up to discuss our program and your needs.