How to Sell Your Boat

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How to Sell Your Boat

After years in the business we’ve learned a lot about how to sell a boat quickly. From pricing it correctly to preparing your boat for display to storing it at a convenient location for buyers to view your boat, to listing your boat for sale online in the right places. There are many tricks of the trade. Once you’ve decided to sell your boat you will most likely want to do so as quickly as possible.

Boatmax Tips: How to Sell Your Boat

Tip 1- Price your Boat Correctly.

It’s important to price your boat correctly. Knowing your boat’s price point by getting a professional appraisal and help to set your price point will ensure that you get enough for your boat while still pricing it to sell.

Tip 2 – Location

You can park your boat in front of your home with a for sale sign. You can store it in your backyard. But if your boat is in our program we will store it for free at our location in Minneford Marina on City Island. Once the season opens up, your boat will be where the buyers are … at the waterfront!

Tip 3 – Clean Your Boat from Top to Bottom!

We always say that your old boat is someone else’s new boat. Remove all personal items and declutter your boat. Prospective buyers need to see a clean, uncluttered boat. Professional detailing is always a smart move.

Tip 4 – Small Updates Make a Big Difference

Small changes such as changing the upholstery on your seating or painting the bottom of your boat will go a long way in making your boat desirable to buyers.

Tip 5 – List Your Boat Online

Be sure to get your boat listed on the popular websites. Professional photos as well as detailed descriptions are important. If you list with us, this listing is included in the boat sale process for free.

Tip 6 – Hire a Professional

Selling a used boat is not simple. We are happy to represent you as your broker and guide you through the process fully. Just let us know!

Success Gallery

Photos of boats we have prepared and sold for clients.

Before: We remove all personal items so that when boat buyers board your board, there is no clutter; the boat feels open and clean. It’s an exciting moment for the potential buyers! This is an example of how it should not look!

After: Personal items have been removed and new upholstery added. Sometimes a small change in the coverings of the cushions can make a big difference. 

The gelcoat on this boat was in good condition, but oxidized.

When a boat is bottom painted, it looks much cleaner and newer. 

The gelcoat on this boat was in good condition, but needed some extra compound and waxing. 

The cushions on this boat were good but needed recovering making the interior much brighter and cleaner.

Some bottom paint and so much cleaner! Ready to sell! 

This vinyl was still good but it took detailing to get it back to its original color. Detailing is more than cleaning!

The color on this gelcoat was faded and unattractive. When we finished, the boat showed as new. 

When the outdrives and the bottom are painted, the boat shows much newer.

When your boat is detailed, it’ll look better. It’ll feel like someone’s new boat!

Let Us Sell Your Boat for You!


Our #1 recommendation, of course, is to list your boat with us.

Selling a used boat is complicated. You will not regret having us do the work for you.

Instead of having to deal with many prospective buyers making and canceling appointments and spending your evenings and weekends showing your boat, you can give that job to us!


Come join our everyday boat show by listing your boat with Boatmax!

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