Tips on Selling Your Boat

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We can make selling your boat simple.  Here’s how it works.


We help to make selling your boat simple and fast.

  • Tip 1 – Identify and remove impediments
  • Tip 2 – Clean your boat from top to bottom
  • Tip 3 – Small updates make a big difference
  • Tip 4 – List your boat online — WITH US!
  • Tip 5 – Hire a professional (to guide you through the process)
  • Tip 6 – Hire a surveyor

See below for more details on these tips.

Boatmax Tips On Selling Your Boat

Tip 1- Identify and Remove Impediments

Remember your used boat is someone’s new boat.  In order to successfully market your boat, all ‘impediments’ need to be identified and removed.  This makes for positive merchandising.  The more information you can provide, the more value you create.

Tip 2 – Clean Your Boat from Top to Bottom

Make sure your boat is clean and detailed from top to bottom!  All personal items should be removed for the photographer.  Prospective buyers need to see a clean, uncluttered boat.  Professional detailing is always a smart move.

Tip 3 – Small Updates Make a Big Difference

Small changes such as changing the upholstery on your seating or painting the bottom of your boat will go a long way in making your boat desireable to buyers.

Tip 4 – List Your Boat Online – With Us!

Be sure to get your boat listed on the popular websites. Professional photos as well as detailed descriptions are important. 

Tip 5 – Hire a Professional

Selling a used boat is not simple.  We are happy to guide you as your broker through the process fully.

Tip 6 – Hire a Surveyor

Hire a surveyor to complete a survey fo you and to have on file is a plus.

Success Gallery

Photos of boats we have prepared and sold for clients.

Before: Remove all personal items so that when boat buyers board your board, there is no clutter; the boat feels open and clean. It’s an exciting moment for the potential buyers! This is an example of how it should not look!

After: Personal items have been removed and new upholstery added. Sometimes a small change in the coverings of the cushions can make a big difference. 

The gelcoat on this boat was in good condition, but oxidized.

When a boat is bottom painted, it looks much cleaner and newer. 

The gelcoat on this boat was in good condition, but needed some extra compound and waxing. 

When your boat is detailed, it’ll look better. It’ll feel like someone’s new boat!

Let Us List Your Boat for You!


Our #1 recommendation, of course, is to list your boat with us.

Selling a used boat is complicated. You will not regret having us do the work for you.

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