Sell Your Boat

Sell Your Boat - Photo of a boat ready for sale located at Boatmax in City Island, NY

The Process of Selling Your Boat

Our knowledge of your boat, allows us to give potential buyers a level of confidence during the purchase.

Sell Your Boat - Photo of a boat being lifted out of the water at Boatmax City Island New York

Pick up of your boat

  1. Pick Up
    Your boat will be picked up by a licensed captain by water, or by an overhauler and brought to Minneford Marina. Pick up of your boat is free. 
  2. Arrival
    When your boat arrives, it will be inventoried and evaluated. Every detail of your boat will be examined and recorded. You will be asked to provide Boatmax with a list of upgrades on your boat.
  3. Review
    Your boat will be reviewed mechanically and cosmetically, which is necessary for us to properly represent your boat to a potential buyer. We need to be able to answer questions about the condition of the boat including its motor, equipment and more.
Sell Your Boat - Photo of a boat prepared for sale at Boatmax City Island NY

Preparing your boat for sale

  1. Your boat will be completely detailed which is essential.  Detailing your boat is not just waxing and compounding the boat.  It’s making the boat as new as possible.
  2. When we prep the boat for viewing, there may be quirks on the boat that need to be repaired.  First, we will address cosmetic issues that we can clean up to make your boat as attractive and clean as possible.  It could be the stitches of a cusion, or perhaps rust on the floor of a head compartment, or a leak in a port.
  3. It’s making sure that your boat is presented so that it is attractive to the buyer.  Your personal items will be removed for the sale of the boat.
  4. It’s making sure that your used boat feels like someone else’s new boat.
Sell Your Boat - Photo of a boat ready for sale at Boatmax in City Island, NY

Pricing, research, the listing and sale of your boat

  1. Discussion: This is an essential step because the condition of your boat both mechanically and cosmetically will affect both how much it will sell for and how fast. The old adage – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – applies here.
  2. Presentation: The first impression of your boat should be favorable. Such factors can have a negative impact. Our discussion with you will be detailed and documented.
  3. Pricing: In our discussion with you, we’ll spend time on pricepoint research to assist you in setting the price of your boat.
  4. Listing: Your boat has now been detailed, photographed, and is ready to go on a central listing site. This process involves careful photography and comprehensive description.
  5. Offers: You’ll be called for each credible offer on your boat. We will save you time by filtering out window shoppers.
  6. Sales Process: During the selling process, should a bay test and survey be required, Boatmax is fully insured and potential buyers would never be allowed to review your boat without supervision.
  7. Sold: When your boat sells, we’ll act as your escrow agent to be sure you are fully paid before transferring title.

The Boatmax Program

Sell Your Boat - Illustration of boat buyers and boat sellers making deals at Boatmax in NY

When your boat enters the program, with your help, we will learn all we need to know about the boat, inventory equipment, list highlights and upgrades. We will then spend time merchandising the boat by: