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The Boatmax Program – Boatmax Online - Illustration of four options for selling your boat with Boatmax Online Brokerage

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Sell your boat from any location with our expertise to support you.

  • Listing service with all the advantages of a professional broker
  • Choose your program
  • List Your Boat
  • Sales
  • Escrow
  • Presentation
  • Choose your selling costs
  • Internet based brokerage service

The correct definition of brokerage is not just listing your boat. Comprehensive brokerage includes remarketing your boat so that your used boat becomes someone else’s new boat.

The Boatmax Program

Sell Your Boat at Your Finger Tips

Boatmax Online has a unique propriety marketing system that allows for the successful remarket of your boat.

The program is designed to meet your specific needs to sell your boat. You choose what services you want and we develop a program for you. To sell your boat through Boatmax Online, we charge between 2% and 6% of the value of your boat, depending on the options you choose below:

The Boatmax Program – Boatmax Online - Photo of boat that is ready for sale at Boatmax in City Island New York
    Option A
    • central listing service
    • Other industry websites
    • In order to sell your boat, a complete and comprehensive listing is absolutely essential.
    • A complete and thorough listing will be designed for your boat.
    • A proper listing for your boat will help your used boat become someone else’s new boat.
    Option B
    • Choose this option to avoid spending your time, your precious weekends, with people who may not be qualified or who may not be willing to consider the value of your boat. Imagine spending time with someone who offers you 50% of what you think your boat is worth after spending a full afternoon with them. Aagh!
    • QUALIFICATION AND REPRESENTATION WITH PROSPECTIVE BUYERS. Negotiation of price and terms, securing a deposit and working with buyer to complete the sale.
    • When someone is interested in purchasing a boat, terms must be negotiated. A down payment is necessary to secure the transaction.
    • Many times, buyers will want surveys, mechanical reviews, oil samples, sea trials, and many other conditions. All of these conditions must be managed. Unless the conditions are managed, many times, a purchase will fail.
    • As your broker, we will work between the buyer, his surveyor, and whatever other parties that are necessary to complete the terms of the contract.
    • LISTINGS DO NOT SELL BOATS. People do. We are a people to people company when it comes to selling brokerage boats.
    Option C
    • Choose this option to be protected.
    • There are many cases where sellers have made statements about their boat, which later result in litigation. A boat must be sold on behalf of its owner without warranties of any type. As your fiduciary agent, it is our job to assist you in avoiding post sale complications. In addition, as escrow agent, your funds will be collected and the buyer of the boat will not be allowed to take possession until such time that the account is paid for in full.
    • Title Transfer: Closing any open boat loans and liens in order to be able to transfer clear title.
    Option D
    • We can inventory, photograph and video your boat professionally – services that will enhance and demonstrate the uniqueness of your boat in the marketplace. You may have made various upgrades that make your boat special. These need to be described and broadcasted.
    • We will do a complete review with you of the history of the boat, its upgrades and equipment and provide the PICTURES THAT ARE WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.
    • ** Clients who list their boat and choose all three categories, will receive presentation at no charge. Boatmax reserves the right to accept boats for listing at their discretion.

Boatmax Client Boats

We offer four options to help you sell your boat cost effectively yet with our expertise.