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Boatmax is located at Minneford Marina, a 15 acre premier marina in City Island, New York which is convenient for boat sellers and boat buyers.
Our internet based brokerage service Boatmax Online allows us to serve boat sellers anywhere with all of the advantages of working with a professional broker, yet the flexibility of choosing how to sell your boat.
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Boatmax Home - photo taken from aboard a sailboat on the water in New York

Boatmax City Island Brokerage

Sell Your Boat - At Our Site

This is our traditional on-site brokerage program. We offer you a place to showcase your boat in a location convenient to boat buyers.

  • Premier location to sell your boat in the tri-state region
  • Located on City Island, NY
  • Free Pick Up of Your Boat
  • Free Land Storage
  • Free Appraisal
  • Free Deferred Concierge Funds
  • Over 30 years of Experience in Brokerage
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Boatmax City Island Brokerage

Internet Based Brokerage

Online - Available Anywhere

Sell your boat from any location with our expertise to support you.

  • Listing service with all the advantages of a professional broker
  • Choose your program
  • List Your Boat
  • Sales
  • Escrow
  • Presentation
  • Choose your selling costs
  • Internet based brokerage service
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Boatmax Online Brokerage
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Sell Your Boat with Boatmax

Boatmax "Where Boat Buyers and Sellers Meet" is located at Minneford Marina,
a 15 acre premier marina in New York City.

Our location is the perfect location to sell your boat in New York.

Our online brokerage allows us to also work with boat sellers nationwide.

Our Locations

Boatmax's original location is on site at Minneford Marina, a 15 acre premier marina on City Island in New York City.
In addition to our City Island location, our internet based brokerage service allows us to serve boat sellers nationwide.
Boatmax Home - Illustration of boats for sale in a marina

Testimonials from Our Clients

When you sell with Boatmax we partner with you to prepare your boat for sale and get the best possible price for your boat.

  • Testimonial from a happy boatmax client

    TJ PO

    Happy Boat Seller

    Working with Natalie was great ...

    “I sold my boat with Boatmax this past summer. They were very helpful and made the whole process a breeze. Working with Natalie was great, she was professional and always available. Would highly recommend using their services to sell/buy.”

  • Testimonial from a happy boatmax client

    David Hughes

    Boater for 20+ years on Long Island Sound

    Thank you Boatmax ...

    “Boatmax was the perfect partner to sell my boat. After 20 years of boating on Long Island Sound, with 3 boats, getting larger with each trade-in, I had never actually sold a boat. Boatmax picked it up at the end of last season, stored it over the winter, prepped it beautifully for sale, and sold in the spring for a great price. Thank you Boatmax."

  • Testimonial from a happy boatmax client

    Jason B

    Happy Boat Seller

    I fully recommend working with Boatmax ...

    “In 2021, I engaged Boatmax to sell my 2001 Contender and worked closely with Nathalie Virgintino to accomplish the sale. I had been a very happy customer of Minneford Marina for nearly a decade before COVID and the boat was dry-docked for the past couple years as a result. In order to secure a strong offer in the market and to ensure the new buyer was able to enjoy the boat immediately, Nathalie worked with her service department to secure the boat from a 3rd party boat yard, provide all required maintenance and cosmetic upgrades. Nathalie sought my confirmation of all work up-front (including full cost transparency) and kept me up to date on status of service & prospective buyer activity. Lastly, upon agreement with buyer on price and electronic execution of all required documentation, Nathalie processed distribution immediately upon receiving payment. I fully recommend working with Boatmax - and specifically Nathalie - for any of your brokerage requirements.”

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